PAST EVENT: Golden SEEDS updates – July 2020

Hello Bottom Community!
We hope you are doing well and staying safe during these times. As we enter another month and prepare for new updates with school and work,  Golden SEEDS remains committed to being an advocate for and and bringing vital resources to the Bottom community.
We are happy to share the following updates and resources with you below.

The Bottom Beautification Grant

  • Thank you for your input on selecting the neighborhood priorities for the Beautification Grant. The contract with the City of Dallas has been approved and we are beginning the process to move forward on design options for community discussion. Several community members expressed a desire to help with the design process of the street sign toppers during our last meeting. Golden SEEDS invites you to send your ideas for the design to We will work with City staff to ensure we are following all appropriate design rules and guidelines and look forward to sharing more information with you on the project progress in the coming months.  

The Golden Gate Food Share Program

  • In response to community needs arising from COVID-19, the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church has been conducting a bi-weekly food share on Tuesdays from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM. The first food share for the month of August is tomorrow, August 4th. Pickup will be in the church parking lot. The next food share will be August 18th.

The Golden SEEDS Community Garden

  • The Golden SEEDS Foundation has established a community garden to increase access to healthy food in the neighborhood and is in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to help maintain the garden this fall, please send an email with your name, email, and phone number to

The 2020 Census 

  • The 2020 United States Census is well underway. The answers to the Census determine the type and amount of investments from the government that will be made in the Bottom community. The amount of investment (or money used to help build or repave roads, to support schools, increase public healthcare facilities and programming, and other public services) is all determined by the number of people that respond to the Census. This week (starting today) Census workers will begin door knocking to ensure everyone is counted. Please make sure to complete the questionnaire. It takes less than 10minutes and can also be completed by visiting:
    • clicking here to visit
    • by calling 844-330-2020 (ENGLISH)
    • by calling 844-468-2020 (SPANISH)
  • If you have questions please click here to contact Cynthia J Wallace with the US Census (or click this email or Sandra Bowie with the City of Dallas by clicking

The Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development (DCED) 

  • The DCED is hosting an introductory virtual meeting for its workforce and small business/entrepreneurship classes this Wednesday, August 5th at 6:00 PM. Please click here to join the meeting, which will provide an overview of each program and information on how to sign-up for the classes (offered at no cost to you). These programs are perfect for you if you would like to:
    • complete a GED program
    • learn how to create a business plan,
    • learn a skill or trade like welding or construction, or
    • receive guidance on your business idea.
  • If you are unable to attend the virtual meeting, limited spots are available for face to face meetings with Dallas College staff at the Bill J Priest center (located at 1402 Corinth Street, Dallas Texas 75215). Please click to contact Shaneika Frazier at Dallas College (formerly Dallas County Community College District)  to register by sending your name, email address, and desired in-person session date & time slot no later than August 5th at 12pm. The following date & sessions are available and require social distancing and masks to attend.
    • August 6, Thursday:  9am,  11am,   1pm,   or   2pm
  • Two flyers with more information are attached for the:
    • Virtual Orientation Meeting 
    • In-Person Orientation Meetings

The Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation Deck Park Equitable Development Plan  

  • The Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation (“the Foundation”) is leading an equitable development planning process to use the current reconstruction of I-35E for inclusive community growth. The Foundation’s goal is to create an elevated park that thoughtfully acknowledges the neighborhood’s past and creates a beautiful, useful, and unifying bridge to a more connected future for Oak Cliff. To ensure the park is reflective of community desires, they have created a survey for residents to share their thoughts and input. Please click here to share your thoughts on the new deck park. All responses are confidential and used solely for the purposes of designing and planning for the park.

COVID-19 Updates

  • You can sign up to receive daily updates on the City of Dallas’ COVID-19 response that include information about other resources available to:
    • City of Dallas residents  here.    
    • Dallas County residents here 
  • Additional coronavirus Updates via Dallas news stations:

We are excited to see all of these wonderful opportunities in the Bottom neighborhood and encourage you to take advantage of each one.  
We hope you found these resources helpful and will share with others that might find the information useful as well. 
Please stay safe and take care.

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