Neighborhood Beautification and Safety Project

Goal: Enhance existing assets to ensure community safety and pride, while embracing the existing history and culture as outlined in the master plan, The Bottom Urban Structure and Guidelines.

City of DallasBeautification Grant

The Targeted Neighborhood Enhancement Program made its initial reimbursable grant to The Golden S.E.E.D.S Foundation for neighborhood improvements in The Bottom, a designated Stabilization Area under the Comprehensive Housing Policy within a federally-designated Opportunity Zone.  This 2019 City of Dallas revitalization program was established to provide neighborhood enhancement grants for residential target areas identified under the Comprehensive Housing Policy.

This $500,000 grant may be used  to reimburse SEEDS for capital costs. Allowable capital costs include art installations, street sign toppers, neighborhood entryway and other signage, landscaping, lighting, and other improvements that enhance the safety, neighborhood identity, or aesthetics of the neighborhood.

All improvements created through this grant must conform to the desires of neighborhood residents and stakeholders.

After eight months of engagement, including three neighborhood meetings, three priorities were selected by the community: 

  1. Neighborhood cleanup 
  2. Lighting
  3. Landscaping and Street signage

These options were submitted to the City for review. Choice # 1 was not eligible be covered by the grant, but neighborhood priorities #2 and #3 were allowed under the grant requirements. 

The Golden S.E.E.D.S. Foundation is now working with community members and City of Dallas staff to add lighting, landscaping, and neighborhood signage to create a stronger sense of place for the Bottom neighborhood.*

*Please note some progress has been delayed due to the social distancing and health restrictions of COVID-19.

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