Dr. King’s Testament Of Hope Amidst Melancholy And Discouragement In 2022
By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad / January 14, 2022


The Mission of The Golden SEEDS Foundation, Inc. is to transform our neighborhood into a vibrant community, through acts of justice and mercy. We seek to accomplish this through the promotion of biblical values, social justice, and economic empowerment creating hope for the most vulnerable in our community.

We seek to build and advance our neighborhood with the creation of educational opportunities, affordable single-family and senior housing, and other commercial amenities. We want to plant seeds of hope and create environments of unconditional love for those whose lives have been overcome by the negative effects of homelessness, chemical dependency, and inadequate health and educational services. 

We envision a spiritual community of volunteers and workers who desire to serve with their hearts as well as their hands.  We envision a community whose impact reaches far beyond our geographic boundaries and into the hearts and minds of people desiring a new life, with new opportunities.

But what we envision more than anything else is a Village which shares and cares for one another – right in the heart of Dallas, on the banks of the Trinity River! 

The Golden SEEDS Foundation, a community development not for-profit, 501.c 3 organization and a project of the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church (GGMBC), continues to partner with other groups to design a housing, job development, education, and an environmentally unified vision that will address the specific challenges that exist in the Bottom. Through the various partnerships, SEEDS seeks to include the preservation and enhancement of the existing single-family neighborhoods, develop quality market and affordable housing, increase density as development moves toward I-35, and create pedestrian and vehicular connections linking existing services, amenities, and streets, especially those that dead end into the levee.